Welcome to Carolina Grout Works: Professional Tile Grout Restoration

Have you tried unsuccessfully to clean tile grout in your bathroom, shower, kitchen or on your floors? Don't endure the time, mess and expense of replacing your grout! Say goodbye to dirty tile grout with our professional grout restoration. Clean, repair, and permanently seal your tile grout, making maintenance a breeze and giving your tile surfaces a fresh, brand-new look for a fraction of the cost of renovation.

Transform your tile surfaces

Let Carolina Grout Works restore the beauty of your tile…permanently


Clean, Seal and Protect

Clean and protect with our color-customizable, hard-as-nails grout sealer that won’t absorb liquid, dirt or bacteria


Easy Maintenance

No more for scrubbing or harsh chemicals – simply wipe or mop with mild detergent and your grout will remain stain free for years


Save Time and Money

Get a brand-new new look  in a few hours with our grout cleaning and grout sealing process at a fraction of the cost of remodeling or re-grouting

See Our Work

See how Grout Works can transform your tile grout to create the beautiful look you expect in new tile


Mold? Mildew? Ugly caulking? We’ll get rid of it.


Create a fresh, brand-new looking bath inexpensively


Take your floors from grungy to gorgeous in a few hours

About Us

Founded in 1994 as a permanent solution to grout staining and discoloration, Grout Works  is America’s premier tile grout cleaning, tile grout sealing, and tile grout restoration service.  With over 50 locations nationwide, we have thousands of very satisfied customers.

We were so impressed that we bought the business!

Eric and Laura Hendrix are the licensed owners of Carolina Grout Works.  They established their business after they called Grout Works to clean and seal tile grout in their own home.  They were so impressed with the amazing results and the low maintenance their tile required after grout cleaning and grout sealing that they took over the Charlotte  Grout Works division, and have since expanded their territory to cover 14 counties in North Carolina that include Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Burlington…

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Services We Offer

Grout Works offers all of the services you need to restore your tile to brand-new: