About Us

We were so impressed...we bought the business!

About Us

Founded in 1994 as a permanent solution to grout staining and discoloration, Grout Works  is America’s premier tile grout restoration service.  Headquartered in Atlanta with over 50 locations nationwide, we have thousands of very satisfied customers.

We were so impressed that we bought the business!

At the core of our professional service is our cleaning process and our proprietary color sealant.  Designed to penetrate deeply into the surface of grout, our color sealant forms a tough shield that won’t peel, fade or flake over time.   It’s resistant to dirt, liquids, oils, and heavy traffic. Choose from our 20 premixed colors or our custom-tinted colors to create beautiful, durable and brand-new looking tile surfaces that are uniquely yours, for a fraction of the cost of re-grouting, re-tiling or renovating.

In addition to our cleaning and sealing processes, Grout Works professionals offer a complete range of tile and grout repair and replacement services.  Whether you have loose or broken tiles, cracked, missing or crumbling grout, or moldy and mildewed caulk, Grout Works professionals will make repair work quick and inexpensive.

Eric and Laura Hendrix are the licensed owners of Carolina Grout Works.  They established their business after they called Grout Works to clean and seal tile grout in their own home.  They were so impressed with the amazing results and the low maintenance their tile required after grout cleaning and sealing that they started a Grout Works division in Charlotte, and have since expanded their territory to cover 14 counties in North Carolina that include Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Burlington


Carolina Grout Works
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