Grout Sealing

Protect your grout against stains and discoloration. Our revolutionary grout sealant outperforms many other brands in durability and ease of maintenance.

Grout Sealing Products and Processes

"spilled red wine staining tile grout"

Carolina Grout Works’ color seal creates a durable, hard-as-nails, color-customizable shield that stops unsightly stains and discoloration.  It withstands dirt, liquids, oils, and other stain-producing substances, and cleans up with soap and water, creating a beautiful finish for years to come. Spills and dirt clean up immediately without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals.


About Grout Sealants

There are many  grout sealers on the market today.  Unfortunately, most “off-the-shelf “sealers require frequent re-application, and often fail after only a few months.  New grout is rarely sealed by the installer as it requires 30 days to “cure” before sealant application.  Unless tile is brand new, clear sealers simply seal in deep-down dirt.

There are many clear grout sealers available at home improvement stores, and  a number of  grout cleaning and sealing companies offer a clear sealant.  These sealants do not form a bond with the grout itself, as Grout Works color seal does.  With exposure to natural light, most clear sealers eventually discolor and turn yellow, and frequently peel off.

Grout Works’ color seal penetrates and bonds with grout, locking out moisture and dirt.

We start by deep cleaning the grout removing all surface dirt and bacteria, which opens the pores of the grout, allowing our sealer to penetrate into the grout.  We then apply our proprietary color seal that penetrates deep into the grout lines and creates a surface that is impervious to dirt, liquid and bacteria.

Grout Works Color Seal – Premium Performance

Our revolutionary grout sealant outperforms many other brands in durability and ease of maintenance.  Grout Works color seal can be custom color matched to any shade of tile or grout. The customer has the option to match the original color or change the color of grout to any shade desired. Once the color sealer is applied the grout lines are permanently protected from any stains, discoloration and bacteria. Grout Works color sealing process is typically completed in one day and will not create any dust, debris or mess. Grout Works color sealing process is always guaranteed against cracking, chipping and peeling to ensure a lifetime of beautiful, clean grout lines. If you are tired of dirty, discolored grout lines ruining the look of your tile, call a Grout Works professional today and have perfect, stain free grout lines tomorrow!

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