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Learn why Carolina Grout Works' grout cleaning process is the logical choice

Grout Cleaning Options


If you have tried many of the grout cleaning products on the market and still have dirty grout, you are not alone.  Tile grout is a highly porous material, rapidly absorbing materials that leading to staining and discoloration.  Removing these materials and cleaning your grout can be difficult and tedious, and sometimes impossible.  There are a currently several methods available to tile clean grout lines: removal and replacement, steam cleaning, rotary cleaning and manual grout cleaning methods.  Read about each of these below.


Removing and Replacing Grout

Dirty, stained grout can be removed from tile surfaces and replaced.   This process is very time consuming, taking several days to complete. Not only does this technique generate large amounts of dust and debris in the home, it requires a highly experienced technician to avoid chipping and cracking  tiles.

This is also the most expensive alternative, and can cost over $1000 for a bathroom.

Unless it is sealed with a high quality grout sealer, it will only be a matter of weeks before the grout lines begin to stain and discolor.

Steam,  Rotary and Manual Grout Cleaning

Depending on the location and stain severity of grout, steam,  rotary or manual grout cleaning are all  effective cleaning methods.  All of these methods work to remove deeply embedded dirt and stains from grout and prepare the surface of the grout to absorb grout sealer.  Large, easily accessible grout such as floors may be cleaned with any of these methods, while places where grout is not easy to reach with machines such as around bath fittings or under cabinets may be cleaned manually.

Carolina Grout Works’  professional technicians will closely inspect each and every inch of your tile surfaces to determine the best method for your tile structure and location to provide the optimal grout cleaning solution.

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